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Frequently Asked Questions

Installment Payment Plans


What is an Installment Payment Plan?

An Installment Payment Plan is a payment plan that is offered during the Fall and Spring term/semester only. TAMUCC offers two plans: 3 payments (30%, 35% & 35%) and 4 payments (25% each payment). There is a $20 non-refundable processing fee. In order to sign up for an installment plan see. Should a student receive any type of financial assistance prior to the due dates, it will be applied to future installments. No refunds are issued to a student unless they have a credit balance.

What fees can an Installment Payment Plan cover?

The charges that can be included in an Installment Payment Plan are Tuition, Mandatory Fees, Course Specific Fees and Orientation Fees.

How do I sign up for an Installment Payment Plan?

To sign up for one of the Universities installment plans, which are offered in the Fall and Spring term/semester only, log on to student services in SAIL and go to the Bill/Payment Suite. Choose the Payment Plan Tab, then click on Sign up for a New Payment Plan, choose the term and then from the drop down menu choose the 3 or 4 payment plan and then follow the directions. During the process of signing up for a plan, a student can choose to set up scheduled payments to process on the due date of each installment. A student can be denied enrollment into the Installment Payment Plan if they have a balance from a previous term or if the balance of the current term is less than $200. A $20 non-refundable processing fee will be added to the student's account.

When are the Installment Payment Plans Due?

Refer to Important Dates - Installment Plans and choose the term/semester and plan to see the due dates. A student who has already enrolled in an Installment Plan can sign on to SAIL, go to the Bill/Payment Suite and click on the Payment Plan Tab to see the due dates and amounts. Payments that are not received in full by the due date will be assessed a $25 late fee per missed installment payment.  

I have added/dropped a class(es) and I signed up for an Installment Plan. How will it affect my payment amounts?


If a student has signed up for an Installment Plan and then added or dropped classes, the Installment Payments will be recalculated and adjusted accordingly. The Bill/Payment Suite will send the student an email notification of the changes to their University issued email address.

Why did my payment amount(s) change on my Installment Plan?


When a student changes their class schedule (drop, add or withdrawal) the payments will be adjusted accordingly based on the new amount of the allowable charges (Tuition and Fees). Also, if a payment made with financial aid is reduced or removed, due to eligibility requirements, the amounts may be affected. Adjustments to exemptions, waivers and 3rd party billings will also affect the amounts.

How do Exemptions, Waivers and Third Party Contract billings calculate in the Installment Payment Plan?


Installment Payments are calculated based on what is owed after an exemption, waiver or third party billing is applied to the student's account.

I have withdrawn from TAMUCC and I am on an Installment Payment Plan. How will it be affected?


A student that withdraws from the university and has signed up for an installment payment plan is still required to make their payments on the due dates. If a student withdraws during a period in which there is a refund percentage, the amount will be credited back to the student's Business Office account. The student's Installment Plan will be adjusted accordingly and the student is still responsible for making payments on the due dates. The payments will be adjusted within 24 to 48 hours if any credit is available based on the percentage of refund of Tuition & Fees. To see if a withdrawal is eligible for a refund of Tuition & Fees go to Important Dates - Refund Tuition & Fees

How do I sign up for payment reminders for the Installment Plan?


A student can sign up for payment reminders for an Installment Plan by logging into the Bill/Payment Suite and clicking on the Profile Tab. The student can choose how many days prior to the due date an email reminder will be sent. If a student has signed up for the payment(s) to automatically be processed on the due date(s), then a payment reminder will not be sent, a schedule payment reminder will be sent instead.

How do I schedule my payments to process on the due dates if I did not do it at the time I signed up for the Installment Plan?

At the time a student signs up for an Installment Plan, the student can set up for the payments to automatically process on the due dates. If the student did not set-up scheduled payments it is not too late. To set them up follow these steps in the Bill/Payment Suite:

  1. Click on the Payment Tab – On the page there will be a section titled Payment Plan
  2. Click on the Pay Button next to one of the Installment Payment line items
  3. Change the date to the date the Installment Payment is due and follow the instructions for setting up the payment method by entering in the payment information
  4. Once it is complete the scheduled payment will show up in the Schedule Payment section of the Payment Tab page
  5. Repeat these steps for each Installment Payment on the list under the Payment Plan section