Tuition and Fees Due Dates



Due Date

Summer 1 2017 (Online MBA) - 201705

05-May-2017    Friday

Summer I 2017 (Traditional) - 201706

     Classes Beginning May 15th *    

     Classes Beginning May 30th or Later





Summer II 2017 (Traditional) - 201707



Summer 2 2017 (Online MBA) - 201708



Fall 2017 (Full Term) - 201709



Fall 1 2017 (Online MBA) - 201710

23-Aug-2017    Wednesday

Fall 2 2017 (Online MBA) - 201711

11-Oct-2017    Wednesday


If you register on or after the due date, payment is due upon registration. De-registration (canceling of class schedules) occurs for non-payment or no financial aid. Click on Payment Options to see what options are offered by the Business Office.

Failure to pay by the due date or not having all of your financial aid documentation complete (no outstanding tracking requirements) will result in a $50 Registration Late Payment Fee being assessed to the account. If you are De-registered for non-payment, you can appeal to the Registrar’s Office to be reinstated and if approved you will be assessed an additional $100 Reinstatement Fee. You must submit your appeal within two weeks of being dropped.

*Classes beginning on May 15th, payment due date is for those who are not registered in other sessions within Summer I 2017 (Traditional) that begin on May 30th or later.  Students who register in 6 hours and have financial aid that covers all tuition and fees in full can wait until it is disbursed on May 23rd.  All financial aid must be awarded, accepted and all documentation completed for this extension to apply.