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BankMobile and Refund

Why did or would I receive a Refund?

A Refund may occur when there has been an overpayment on the account, dropping or withdrawing from courses during a refund period or financial aid residual. For more information please contact the Business Office at (361) 825-2600 Option #5 or log on to SAIL and view the details of the student’s account.

What is BankMobile?

BankMobile is an online bank that serves more than 4 million college students nationwide through its BankMobile Refund Management® Service which efficiently disburses financial aid credit balances to college students in a timely, secure and compliant manner on behalf of their college. All students are mailed a BankMobile Refund Selection Kit after they register for the first time.

Where was my BankMobile Refund Selection Kit mailed to?

The BankMobile Refund Selection Kit or 'green envelope' is mailed to a student’s billing address. Should a student not have a billing address the kit will be mailed to a local or permanent address, respectively. The BankMobile Selection Kit cannot be mailed to an address outside the United States. If a student only has an international address in SAIL no refund selection kit can be mailed or created until a US address is on the student’s account.

What if I did not recieve a BankMobile Welcome Kit?

If you did not recieve your refund selection kit, contact the buiness Office to have a new personal code sent to your student email address.

What options do I have when setting up BankMobile?

Choose from 3 methods below. Preferences can be changed at any time:

OPTION 1: Direct Deposit to your existing bank account.  

OPTION 2: VibeAccount by BankMobile (formerly OneAccount by HigherOne). Please note, if you choose to use this method, you are opening a bank account with an outside company and will be prompted to enter personal identifiable information to confirm your identity. Similar to all bank accounts, some fees may apply. Click here to view a full fee schedule including tips on how to avoid these fees from BankMobile (formerly HigherOne).

OPTION 3: Paper check mailed to an address you specify. 

What happens if I don't select a refund preference?

If no refund method is selected on, a paper check will be mailed to you by BankMobile after 21 days to the same address the Personal Code packet was sent. If the address listed on your account is not accurate, the check will get returned back to the University and your refund will be further delayed until a preference has been made.

How do I order a replacement card for my BankMobile Vibe Account? (Vibe account holders only)

    • Log in to your Profile.

    • Verify that your address is correct by clicking on 'Address & Phone' under the 'User Profile' tab.

    • In the same tab, click on 'Card Status.'

    • If you are canceling a card and re-ordering a new one, please report your card lost.

    • If your card has already been canceled, follow the prompts to ordering a new card.

Where is a BankMobile ATM machine located?

There is a BankMobile ATM machine in the Dugan Wellness Center 1st Floor. Please refer to the Business Office website under BankMobile Refund Information to see other locations and times available.