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Business Office Holds

Why would I have a hold on my account from the Business Office?

A hold can be placed on a student's account due to an outstanding balance, which could consist of but is not limited to the following: outstanding tuition, installment plans, emergency loans, course fees, parking fees, returned checks, health services, etc. Occasionally a hold may be placed when the student needs to come by the Business Office to turn in documentation or to discuss an issue with the account.

How does a Business Office hold affect me?

When a hold is placed on a student's account from the Bursar's Office, Business Office or Accounts Receivable Office, the student will not be allowed to register for classes and/or receive any transcripts.

How do I get a hold released on my account?

A hold will only be released if the account has been paid in full with guaranteed funds (cash, debit card, money order or cashier's check). If the account was paid in full with a check the hold will be release after 14 days or once proof is provided that the check has cleared the bank, whichever comes first. If a student's account has been paid and a hold still remains on the account, the student can contact the Business Office at (361) 825-2600 Option number 4 for a representative to review the account for the hold to be released. Holds are removed manually and the Business Office runs a process weekly to help identify potential accounts that need to have their holds released.

Can a hold be removed if I still owe a balance?

A hold will not be removed unless the account is paid in full. See “How do I get a hold released on my account?” for more information.

I have a hold, how can I get a copy of my transcript?

To be able to receive a copy of a transcript the student must have a zero balance, not including future semesters.