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Miscellaneous Questions

What are the Business Office hours of operation and phone number?

The Business Office is open Monday - Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Hours may change pending scheduled or unforeseen events as they arise. The phone number for the Business Office is (361) 825-2600 Option number 5.

Whom do I make my check payable to?

When paying by check, please make it payable to TAMUCC or Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. All personal checks will be converted to an electronic payment (ACH).

Does the Business Office cash checks for student and/or University employees?

The Business Office will cash one personal check per day for an employee or student up to $25 as long as they are in good standing with the University. A SandDollar ID is required for this transaction.

How can I update my address(es)?

A student can update their addresses, except their permanent address, on SAIL. To update a permanent address a student must fill out a change of address form and turn it into the Office of the Registrar located in the Student Services Center.

How do I set up a billing email address?

A student cannot set up a billing email address. All students are issued a University email address which is their primary contact. For more information about the University issued email address, go to