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Outstanding Balances

What happens if I do not pay a balance owed to the Business Office?

Failure to pay a balance owed to the University may result in one or more of the following actions:

    • Cancelation of Classes (current and/or future terms)
    • Assessment of Late Fees
    • University Hold on registration for future terms and/or release of transcripts
    • Hold placed with the State Comptroller's Office
    • Assignment to a Collection Agency, which will increase the balance owed by up to 30%.

What are my optionsif I am unable to pay a debt owed to the Business Office (Example Emergency Loan, Installment Plan, Parking Fines, etc…)

Should a student be unable to pay a past due balance that is owed to the Business Office, they can contact the Accounts Receivable Office in the Student Services Center to see if they are eligible to set up a payment plan. Setting up a payment plan will keep a student’s account from going to a collection agency as long as the payments are made on time, but it will not allow the student to register or receive transcripts. If the student is eligible to set up payment arrangements, they will be required to sign a promissory note and make the first payment at that time. Only the student can set up a payment plan. Failure to comply with payment arrangements will void the agreement resulting in the account being sent to a Collection Agency. Accounts that have already been assigned to a Collection Agency are not eligible to make payments to the University. Payment arrangements must be set up with the Collection Agency. 

 Can I register for classes while owing a balance?

No, a student must pay all balances prior to registration. For more information see, How do I get a hold released on my account?

Can I use future term financial aid to pay a previous term balance?

Federal regulations that govern Title IV funds (Pell, ACG, SEOG, Stafford Loans and Parent Loans), restrict the use of financial aid that is specified for a specific term to be applied to a term that is not within the same financial aid year, unless it is less than $200. If a student is awarded non-title IV financial aid funds (TPEG, Texas Grant, University Scholarship or Grant) they must contact the Bursar’s Office at (361) 825-3065 to discuss their account to see if it is feasible. 

Can I graduate if I owe a balance?

A student who is graduating and owes the Business Office will still be able to graduate and attend the graduation ceremony. However the student will not be able to receive their diploma or transcripts until the account is paid in full with guaranteed funds.

Who do I contact if I am graduating and I cannot pay my balance?

If a student is graduating and cannot pay their balance in full prior to graduation they can contact the Accounts Receivable Office at (361) 825-5867 to discuss if any payment options are available.