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Parking Permits & Fines

How do I purchase a Student Parking Permit?

Students must request a permit online via SAIL. NO EXCEPTIONS!! When a student is purchasing a permit for the first time, the student will be required to register their car prior to choosing the permit. The permit will be charged to the student's Business Office account and all payments due at the Business Office or through the Bill/Payment Suite on SAIL. University Police Department will not accept payments. A Temporary Permit will be issued and the student must print it. Students should bring Printed Temporary Permit to UPD to pick up new permit. The hangtag permit should be utilized for multiple semesters. A validation sticker will be issued upon purchase at UPD. Do not discard the hangtag when validation sticker has expired. Should a student discard hangtag there is a $25 replacement fee.

Do I have to purchase a parking permit to park on campus?

All student, faculty and staff are required to purchase a valid parking permit in order to park on campus at any time. Failure to purchase a permit and display it will result in a parking ticket issued by the University Policy Department. For more information please refer to the University Police website.

How much is a parking permit?

The Parking Permit costs vary depending on how long the permit is good for. Please refer to Parking Permit Fees for the costs. For more information about parking please refer to the University Police website.

Do I need a parking permit if I only take night classes?

Yes, a parking permit is required to park on campus at all times.

I received a parking ticket. Where do I pay for it?

Payments for Parking Tickets are made at the Business Office. Students can log into SAIL to make payment via check or credit card. All others must pay at the Business Office.

Can I appeal a Parking Ticket?

A Parking Ticket can be appealed within 10 days of it being issued. The appeal procedures can be found on the University Police website.