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Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan

What is the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan

Formerly known as the Texas Tomorrow Fund, it’s a fund administered by the Texas Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board that gives individuals the chance to prepay tomorrow's college tuition and required fees at Texas public and private colleges and universities at about what it would cost today.

I have the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan how do I get my Tuition & Fees billed to them?

For a student to have their Tuition & Fees billed to the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP) they must provide an In-State Enrollment Verification letter each term.   Students who attend orientation may provide a picture ID and TGTP ID card for the first semester only.  The students TGTP plan is normally processed to the student's account within two business days.  The University will bill TGTP after the last day the student can add and/or drop classes in order to bill the finalize cost for the term/semester.  Courses dropped after the last day to drop with a refund will still be billed to TGTP.

Where do I get an In-State Enrollment Verification letter for the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan?

A student must login to  Click on the Distribution Information page located on the welcome page.  This will redirect the student to the Account Selection page where the student will select their account.  Once an account has been selected a link for the In-State Enrollment Verification letter will appear.  Click on the link and print the letter.  The letter must be submitted to the Accounts Receivable Office.  I can be faxed to (361) 825-2909.

What does the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan pay for?

The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP) will pay for the number of tuition hours that have been purchased under the student’s contract. Students will be responsible for paying additional tuition hours to the University not covered by their plan. Some of the mandatory fees that all students are required to pay for enrollment are covered for a limited amount of semesters (please contact the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Fund for additional information). The TGTP does not cover laboratory fees, course specific fees, field trip fees, material fees, parking permits, books, orientation guest fees, etc...

How will the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan pay my student bill?

Payments will be estimated based on the student's registration. Adjustments may be made according to the student's benefits available once the state sends funding to the University. Once an adjustment is made to a student's account an email notification will be sent to their University email address. Payment is due upon receipt of notification. A hold will be place on the student's account until balance is paid in full.

What happens if I do not use all of my Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan hours (benefits)? Can I use them for graduate school? Could I get a refund, etc?

Students may use their plan toward graduate school at TAMUCC. The plan will pay the undergraduate state average for the type of plan purchased. Students will be responsible for the amount billed over the state average. Contact the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan for more information on unused plan hours and benefits. Contact the Accounts Receivable Office at (361) 825-5867 to discuss using the unused TGTP hours to pay toward graduate tuition.

How do I contact the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan to verify my hours (benefits) or get more information about my plan?

The Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP) Office can be contacted through the State Comptroller's Office at (800) 531-5441. Their contact information is also located on the back of the student's TGTP ID card.