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Description of Tuition Fee Exemptions and Waivers


Students eligible for any of the following fee exemptions or adjustments must contact the office under which they are listed below PRIOR to payment of tuition and fees to complete and/or provide the required documentation. If an exemption is not listed below, please see the Business Office.


Texas Blind or Deaf – Tuition and fees exempted.

High School Graduates of Texas State Homes – Tuition and fees exempted.

Children of Disabled Firemen and Peace Officers – Tuition and mandatory fees for the first 120 undergraduate semester credit hours.

Senior Citizens (over 65) Auditing Courses only – Tuition and fees, not including course fees up to 6 semester credit hours.

Teaching or Research Assistant of Higher Education Institutions – Out-of state tuition adjusted to Texas resident rate. To be entitled to pay resident tuition, the employee must be employed on at least a one-half time basis in a position related to degree being pursued.

Teachers and Professors of State Higher Education Institutions, their Spouses and Children – Out-of-state tuition adjusted to Texas resident rate.

Nonresidents Whose Family Relocated to Texas Due to Employment by a Business or Organization Certified by the Texas Department of Commerce as Participating in the States Program for Economic Development and diversification – Out-of-state tuition adjusted to Texas resident rate.

Students in Foster or Other Residential Care – Tuition and fees exempted, Designated Tuition.

Texas Tomorrow Fund – Must present identification card from state.

Highest Ranking High School Graduate – Tuition exempted for only two semesters of first regular session following high school graduation. Must be the highest ranking graduate of an accredited high school in the State of Texas.  The student must provide proof of eligibility.


Competitive Scholarship – Out-of-state tuition adjusted to Texas resident rate. This tuition adjustment is only available for recipients of University scholarships.



Good Neighbor Scholarship – (for students from other nations of the American Hemisphere) – Tuition only exempted.



Military Residents – Out-of-state tuition adjusted to Texas resident rate. Active duty military residents and dependents are entitled to pay resident tuition. To be entitled to pay resident tuition, such military personnel shall submit at the time of each enrollment a statement from their commanding officer or personnel officer certifying that they are then assigned to duty in Texas and that the same will be in effect at the time of such enrollment in a public institution of higher education. Exemption forms may be obtained from the Veterans Office or the Office of Admissions & Records.

Hazelwood Act – All mandatory fees exempted except for property deposit and student service fee (does not exempt optional fees such as parking fees). Must have applied for financial aid.

Dependent Children of Texas MIA Servicemen – All mandatory fees exempted except property deposit.

Orphans of Members of the Armed Forces, Texas National Guard & Texas Air National guard – Tuition and fees exempted.