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Methods of Payment


The University accepts cash.  This is the recommended type of tender to pay past due accounts.


The University accepts personal, cashier and business checks for balances due to the Business Office.  If a personal and business check is received for a past due balance any holds on the students account from the Business Office will not be removed for fifteen (15) days, to give the check time to clear.  The holds can be cleared prior to the fifteenth (15) day if proof that the check has cleared is presented to the Business Office.  If an account has been paid with a check and is due a refund due to drop or withdrawal, the refund will be held the fifteen (15) business days before it is mailed to the student, to give the check time to clear.  Stop payment on checks does not withdraw a student from the University and is considered a returned check that is subject to fines and penalties indicated under the Returned Check Policy.  To properly withdraw from the University follow the procedures that are outlined in the Semester Class Schedule.


The University accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for payment of tuition and fees online through SAIL only with no convenience fees.  Credit Card payments are not accepted at the Business Office. The Business Office does accept debit card in person only, must have the pin code to be able to process.


The University uses Flywire for international payments to streamline payment process that makes it easy to pay from accounts in your home country. With Flywire, you can pay online from any country and any bank. It is a secure and trusted payment method that can be tracked by you and the University each step of the way. Click HERE to learn more about Flywire and instructions on how to make payment.  Funds for your payment request must be received by Flywire and TAMUCC before it can be applied to your Student Account.


Financial Assistance Awards (Grants, Loans and University Scholarships) will be reflected on tuition/fee bills for students who have been awarded and all financial aid documentation and processes have been completed and the university is only waiting for date that the funds can be disbursed to the students account. You must accept the financial aid and complete all requirements before it can be applied to your account.  First-year, first-time borrowers will not receive loan funds until 30 days after classes begin. All loans are disbursed in at least two installments. Students receiving loans for only one semester (ex. Fall Only) will receive the second installment after the midpoint of the semester.  Students who have not been awarded a financial assistance package and are in need of assistance are encouraged to enroll in an installment plan or apply for an Emergency Loan. 


The installment payment plan for tuition and fees are available for most students.  The University offers one option to pay by installments with a 4 payment plan (25% prior to the start of the semester with three more payments during the semester of 25%).  A nonrefundable processing fee of $20.00 will be charged and a late fee of $25.00 will be added to each installment not received by the due date.


Students receiving Emergency Tuition Loans or financial assistance equal to or greater than the amount of tuition and fees at the time of registration are not eligible to pay tuition and fees by installments. Students owing any balances from prior terms, any amount, or a current term balance, for tuition and fees, less than $200 are not eligible.  Once a student pays their prior term balances the student will become eligible for an installment plan.

Students registering for classes during SAIL registration, and want to enroll in one of the Installment Payment Plans, must sign up on SAIL on or before the payment due date. To enroll for one of the options go to SAIL, click on (1) Student, (2) Student Account, (3) Bill/Payment Suite and (4) the Payment Plan Tab; then choose the desired plan and sign the agreement.  For more information on the Installment Payment Plan, go to Frequently Asked Questions on the Business Office website.


An Emergency Tuition Loan (ETL) is a short term loan from the Business Office that students may choose to aid in paying their tuition and fees. An ETL can be used to pay Tuition, Mandatory Fees, Course Specific Fees and Orientation Fees. The ETL is due within the same semester.  ETL’s are applied to the Business Office student’s account to pay towards eligible tuition and fees. If a student adds or deletes classes, the ETL will adjust accordingly. Emergency Book Loans are to aid students in the purchase of text books.  The maximum amount per term/semester is $600.  Once a student is approved for a book loan a file is sent to the Campus Store to be loaded into their system.  Student normally can purchase their books by 10 am the next business day after the Book Loan is approved.  A student may purchase their books online or in person from the Campus Store when utilizing an Emergency Book Loan.  The unused portion of the book loan will be applied back to the student's Business Office account after the census day has past.  This will reduce the balance owed, and if it creates a credit balance on the account, it will be refunded to the student. There is a $25 non-refundable processing fee for each loan.  Each loan that is not paid in full by the due date will be assessed a $25 late fee and a hold will be placed on the students account.  If financial aid is received prior to the due date of the loan(s) it will be applied to any balance prior to being refunded to the student, even if the due date has not yet past.  Emergency Loans are not available for the Short Terms.

To apply for an ETL or Book Loan, a student must be registered, have a completed application and have a Master Promissory Note (MPN) on file. This MPN and Book Loan application can be obtained from the Business Office website, under Downloadable Forms. When the MPN is received by the Business Office, the student’s account will be updated allowing the ETL option to appear for the student to self-enroll via SAIL. This is done by going to the Bill/Payment Suite, clicking on Payment Plans, selecting the appropriate semester and choosing the Emergency Tuition Loan from the drop down menu. The student will navigate through the screens to enroll. At the time of enrollment, the student can setup their payment to automatically process on the due date. Payments that are not received in full on or before the due date will be assessed a $25 late fee.

A student is not eligible for an emergency tuition loan if one or more of the following exists:
  • has a balanced owed from a prior term
  • has less than $100 of eligible charges for the current semester
  • is not in good standing with the University
Students can sign up for payment due date reminders during their ETL enrollment process, by clicking on the Notification Button under my Profile Setup in the Bill/Payment Suite. The student may choose how many days prior to the due date an email payment due date reminder will be sent. Should the student select to schedule their payments during enrollment or thereafter, a “scheduled payment” reminder will be sent to the students’ University email address instead of a “payment due” reminder notice. Students may also opt to add a secondary email to received emails and/or opt in to receive notices by text.Students who didn’t setup auto payment during the ETL enrollment process may do so later by following these simple steps in the Bill/Payment Suite:
  • From the Home Page, click on the pinwheel icon under Action located in the Payment Plans section.
  • Select Schedule.
  • Change the date to the date the ETL is due and follow the instructions for setting up the payment method. Once completed, the scheduled payment will show up in the Schedule Payment section.

Once enrolled in an ETL, any payment type (ie; financial aid) that is applied to the student’s account will be applied to any ETL balance owed even if it is not due, unless it is in a future semester with a future due date. The Business Office will not issue a refund unless there is a credit balance on the student’s account. 

Scheduled dates of availability are contained in semester's course schedule and under Important Dates on the Business Office website. Loans will be processed until funds have been exhausted.  Loan applications received prior to the first date of acceptance will be disregarded.

It is ultimately the student's responsibility to plan and pay for all needed books and/or supplies in a timely fashion.  For more information on Emergency Loans, go the Frequently Asked Questions on the Business Office Website.