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Parking Permit Fees

*** University Police Department Parking Information ***

General Parking Permit
Fall or Spring Only (1 Term)  $              83.00
Fall & Spring  $            157.00
Fall thru Summer  $            190.00
Summer  $              46.00
Garage Parking
Fall or Spring Only (1 Term)  $            178.00
Fall & Spring  $            331.00
Fall thru Summer  $            403.00
Summer  $              97.00
Momentum Campus*
Fall or Spring Only (1 Term)  $              12.00
Fall & Spring  $              23.00
Fall thru Summer  $              29.00
Summer  $              12.00
*Momentum campus permit is valid for parking only on the Momentum campus in designated shuttle parking area.
           General Parking Permit  $            190.00
           Garage Parking Permit  $            403.00
           Reserved Parking   Permit  $            575.00
           Replacement Tag  $              25.00


Please follow these instructions to purchase a permit:

  1. Log onto your SAIL Account.
  2. Under the 'Student' menu choose the 'Parking Administration" link
  3. Select the 'Get Permits' Option
  4. Select the permit you wish to purchase from the list of choices
  5. Agree to all the parking policies and click 'Next'
  6. Select vehicle(s) or add new vehicle information and continue
  7. View cart and checkout by selecting 'Student Account' or 'Credit Card'. 
  8. If paying through your student account, please allow 48 hours for the charge to populate. Payments can be made on SAIL through Bill/Payment Suite or in person at the Business Office. 
  • Parking permits are going virtual.
  • Know your license plate. Your license plate will now be your "parking permit", as hang tags are no longer given out. License plates needs to be valid and/or updated if changed.
  • Payments will NOT be accepted at the SandDollar Office or University Police Department. 
  • Faculty/Staff: Please visit the TAMUCC Parking Portal to purchase parking permits, update license plates, pay citations, etc.